sinfonia now available in black and grey and white


We provide you, our Customers, with complete acoustic ceiling systems that are adapted to cater for any demanding usage requirements on your specific projects. These typically include appealing design, suitable acoustics and fire protection as well as hygiene control, moisture resistance and air purity.


We supply acoustic ceilings, fire protective ceilings, hygienic ceilings, designed ceilings, metal ceilings, skimmed plaster ceilings, sound and thermal insulation and drywalls. Whatever you're planning, we have the solution!
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A smart and discreet look. The grid system that can take LED light profiles to add a feature to liven up your space. A revolutionary must-have product.
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OWAcoustic Premium Sinfonia dB offers high room to room sound reduction without compromising acoustics. It is compatible for installation with systems from the OWAconstruct collection
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Free hanging ceiling units with Class A acoustic absorption .
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