What makes OWA Ceilings Bio-Friendly?

The principle of sustainability

The concept of sustainability holds the key. The idea goes back to the 18th century, originally applied to the logging industry. Sustainable logging means: "Cut only as much wood as the forest is able to replenish!" This understanding of sustainability has now become established around the world as a concept for conducting economic activities in a manner sensitive to environmental concerns. It represents an ideal which we seek to make reality within our sphere of activity, with all the means at our disposal.

At home in a natural environment

OWA was active in protecting the environment long before it became popular as a promotional bandwagon. The manufacturing plant and headquarters is located in the midst of nature."Amorbach im Odenwald" has been home to Odenwald Faserplattenwerk GmbH registered office and production plant for over 60 years, and has been declared a climatic spa by German authorities. That says quite a bit about how we, at OWA, feel about the environment.


Healthy building

Our activities extend far beyond maintaining clean air of course. The goal of achieving environmental progress across the board is fundamental to everything we do. We develop products on a natural basis, without artificial additives or harmful emissions, to provide ceiling systems for modern, environmentally- compatible architecture. Our production involves prudent use of resources and environmentally sound methods, and we select our business partners and suppliers on the basis of shared values.

DIN EN ISO 14001 certified

We have obtained certification of compliance with international environmental management standard 14001. In so doing we have committed ourselves to pursuing a continuous process of improvement with regard to environmental objectives, to monitor the results of our efforts and have the effectiveness of our system reviewed annually by TÜV Süd experts.