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01. Clean Lines

OWAconstruct is the only butt-cut ceiling grid on the market. A butt-cut grid gives you a flush suspended ceiling, with no shadows in the corners of the ceiling panels.

clean lines

02. Fire Rated

OWAconstruct provides a complete fire-rated ceiling system. (panels, grid, etc.)

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03. Strong as Steel

We use a steel capping which makes it a hardy grid that is very difficult to bend and damage. The grid lasts longer under extreme conditions.

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04. Value for Money

OWAconstruct ceiling grid is competitively priced with all the benefits you have come to expect from OWA.

OWAconstruct Butt-cut Ceiling Grid

Fire Protection without compromise

With more than 7000 sections and accessories available, OWAconstruct suspension systems will provide for all your ceiling suspension requirements: Fire protection, security, accessibility, aesthetics, and much more. Made of galvanised steel, our exposed grid face is one of the toughest in the industry. OWAconstruct Butt-cut exposed grid system can be used in conjunction with OWAcoustic mineral fibre ceiling panels and Vinyl-faced gypsum ceiling panels