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OWAconsult® collection

Free hanging acoustic ceiling units

Classical styling
Individual design freedom

Stylistically uncompromising, functional with a plethora of design options – these are the main distinguishing features of the OWAconsult® collection. This new generation of ceiling systems certainly lives up to its name. It embodies a new, highly adaptable concept of ceiling design and so creates a clearly recognisable, individual character, especially in very large rooms, which helps to bring together all the other elements of the room.

Ten different rectangular or alternatively square shapes are available in the Corpus series to be able to implement the greatest variety of ceiling designs – thanks to discrete and yet easy to use connection system. The elements are available in sizes between 520 x 520 x 150 mm and 1120 x 2320 x 300 mm with designs in S, M, L, XL and XXL. The various possible combinations that can be created from them is enhanced even more by the flexible installation permutations.Download our brochure for more info