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01. Acoustics

Noise reduction coefficients (NRC) of up to 0.90 provide superior acoustic qualities that help create an optimum working environment.

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02. Fire Protection

With up to 120min fire protection*, OWAcoustic ceilings provide architects and developers with peace of mind, knowing they have installed the best.

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03. Environmental

OWAcoustic ceilings have achieved Blue Angel status, ISO14001 & LEED approved, and have also received the RAL Certificate. We are commited to "going green" .

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04. Durability

As a result of the higher ratio of mineral wool fibres to fillers (like perlite), OWAcoustic ceiling panels are more durable and yield less damages during installation and maintenance

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05. Value for Money

OWAcoustic ceiling panels are competitively priced with all the benefits you have come to expect from OWA.

OWAcoustic Mineral Ceiling Panels

OWAcoustic mineral fibre ceiling panels are designed to reduce echo and reverberation within office spaces, recording studios, call centres, and various other applications. With more and more buildings being designed as open plan, the need for premium acoustics has become increasingly apparent with architects and developers alike. With OWA's complete range of ceiling panels and suspension systems, we can cater for all your aesthetic and practical needs.