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System S22 / S31 Clip-in


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01. Acoustics

Noise reduction coefficients (NRC) of up to 0.80 provide superior acoustic qualities that help create an optimum working environment.

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02. Fire Protection

With up to 90min fire protection*, OWAtecta ceilings provide architects and developers with optimum fire protection for their building.

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03. Environmental

OWAtecta metal ceiling panels conform to the ISO14001 Environmental Management System, contribute to the LEED programme, and are made from recycled materials which, in turn, are recyclable.

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04. Durability

OWAtecta metal ceiling panels are galvanised to combat rust, and then epoxy coated to colour, resulting in a durable ceiling panel that could last a lifetime.

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05. Value for Money

OWAtecta metal ceiling panels are competitively priced with all the benefits you have come to expect from OWA.

OWAtecta Metal Ceiling Panels

OWAtecta metal ceiling panels are ideal for specialised areas such as:

- Areas where regular access into the ceiling void is   required

- Areas that require high acoustic capabilities

- Hospitals

- Clean rooms