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The canopies Curve 1 (concav) and Curve 2 (convex) are white, fleece-covered, glasswool-based ceiling canopy modules and therefore a real lightweight on the ceiling. Even the edges are white and finished so that the individual modules can be hung alone or arranged in formations. Huge acoustic bonus: Curve 1 is an A-class absorber (sound absorption value 1). The nearly square 1200 x 1100 mm concave-shaped module can be covered with coloured fabric. This opens new design options for the ceiling. Download our brochure for more info

Technical Data

owacoustic curve canopy


Mineral wool, A1 (EN 13501-1)

Visible side

Fleece, white or coloured fabric colour


Finished, white or coloured fabric colour

Edge detail

Sharp edges, all the way round

Dimensions and weight:

Curve 1

1200 x 1100 x 40 mm, approx. 5 kg

Curve 2

1100 x 910 x 40 mm, approx. 4 kg

Grid suspension

Incl. wire suspension, L = 1.5 m, ceiling fixation

Light reflexion

On request

Sound absorption

aw = 1.00

Equivalent sound absorption surface

On request

Humidity resistance

On request


Please take into consideration that during the installation of the canopies wind pressure or wind suction can occur.

In these cases all relevant measures of protection have to be taken.

acoustic ceiling canopies curve



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