System S15b *NEW

Introducing OWAline System S15b. A smart and discreet look. The grid system that can take LED light profiles to add a feature to liven up your space.

A revolutionary must-have product.



01. Clean Lines

OWAconstruct is the only butt-cut ceiling grid on the market. A butt-cut grid gives you a flush suspended ceiling, with no shadows in the corners of the ceiling panels.

02. Fire Rated

OWAconstruct provides a complete fire-rated ceiling system. (panels, grid, etc.)

03. Strong as Steel

We use a steel capping which makes it a hardy grid that is very difficult to bend and damage. The grid lasts longer under extreme conditions.

04. Value for Money

OWAconstruct ceiling grid is competitively priced with all the benefits you have come to expect from OWA.

Other Patterns Available to order

Available with Sinfonia White

Other patterns available to order

OWAline grid profile

Profile edge detail of Sinfonia

S15b Profile with OWAlight

OWA light profiles

Technical Data

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600 x 600 mm, 1200 x 600mm
Other sizes available on request. Subject to minimum quantities and surcharges.

Edge detail


Approx. 15 mm (OWAcoustic® premium)

Reaction to fire

A2-s1,d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1

Resistance to fire

Not tested

Metal suspension

All metal components listed are galvanized steel or white coated galvanized steel respectively with white shadow gap.

Suspension depth

75 – 100 mm (depending on the existing structural ceiling) for ease of panel removal 120 mm
is recommended

Wall perimeter

Installation examples

Light fixtures

* Dependent on system, soffit and other factors

Note: Site condition and insulation requirements apply. Please contact us for more info

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System S15b